There is nothing separating you and I. Language, maybe, produces a semantic barrier. There's that which is yours, that which is mine, but then what is property? Everything you or I own was previously owned by someone or something else, and eventually we will sell our individual properties or we will die and our belongings will belong to our next-of-kin. Belongings is a strange word; does your coffee table belong to you, and does it belong in your home? Is home where all your belongings belong? Do you belong among your belongings? If everything is temporary, nothing belongs anywhere except for the time it is allotted by us, landlords or God. So you own a body, but this too is temporary and will sooner than you'd like to think not belong to you, as the entropic and erosive forces of the planet pull apart the you which was perfectly designed by deoxyribonucleic acid. An acid bearing all of your genetic information sowed you together in your mother's womb. The same proteins, lipids, complex carbohydrates and nucleic acids inside you are inside me, and all life.

Therefore, we've been given different names and we give different names to our feelings, our judgments, our relationships, to our chronology or personal collection of events I call histories; most human beings think these shape our identities, our selves, what sets us apart from the crowd, but I would say, rather, that the things we use to divide ourselves, our unique-as-a-snowflake assemblage of ideas and ideologies are part of one collective human experience. The fight that you as a Republican had with a Democrat was an example of humanity moving toward unity, not away from it. Two fragments of the universe sharing a common experience and arguing out their rough edges, it's like a supercomputer defragmenting loose groupings of similar files. We move closer and closer to unification as our intelligent telephones bring us into constant communion with an invisible place where all our friends are; not only our friends but every stranger, pastor, police-person, criminal, journalist, actor, unfortunately president, and each human being with internet access are all constantly communicating with one another.

The differences between our selves, you and I, is an invitation to see the beautiful, diverse expression of all life, one beating heart underneath everything that is Love which we can open our hearts to hear; the differences between us, me and you, is an invitation from God to love our neighbor as we love ourselves, because there are no neighbors; there are no boundaries; there is no property; we are one thing that calls itself by many names. We are life, we are living, we are love, we are loving, we are the universe and we are the process by which the universe connects itself to itself. The same energy in the big bang that began all of this is in you, is in me, is in everything. Wake up to the everythingness you already are; you & I are born integral, complete, whole. All that's left is to become evermore aware of that which already is.

Adam Papes