winter man approacheth.

‘Tis the season to speak in ye olden Englishe, and sing hymns and bake hypoallergenic cookies and gain unwanted mass and tolerate semi-unwelcome carolers and cozy up to broadcast sitcom holiday spectaculars and surprise-kiss a cutie under mistletoe (consensually[!!]) and watch cheesy Hollywood cashgrab films and light the menorah and string up beautiful RBG lights then leave them up through February (please?) and hate dawn being at 5 a.m. & dusk at 3 p.m. because farmers(?) and celebrate the solstice and suffer heat-stroke indoors & succumb to frostbite no matter how many layers you do or don’t wear and love each other unconditionally after the presents have been opened and slip on invisible ice and worry about the cultural impact of the Santa myth on children and overcrowd church with your reluctant family just to keep Grandma off your case and take 30 extra minutes to drive anywhere and overspend on gifts with all the credit cards and enjoy hometown-visitors otherwise living successful lives elsewhere and pontificate on African diaspora and eat oversize meals and listen to Sufjan Stevens. Oh! And the babe Jesus. Did I miss anything??

Books - anything by / about Hermann von Helmholtz (even if it’s in German, maybe especially so) or really any (auto)biography on a scientist, Aristotle’s Physics, The Egyptian / Tibetan Books of the Dead, The Four Agreements, plus anything by: Richard Rohr; Richard Alpert (beside Be Here Now); David Byrne; James Baldwin; J.R.R. Tolkien; J.R.R. Martin; E.E. Cummings; William Butler Yates; Ralph Waldo Emerson; Philip K. Dick; David Foster Wallace; Arthur Schopenhauer; ooh and plays by playwrights like Arthur Miller, Billie Shakes, Oscar Wilde, et alia; Wizards of the Coast D&D adventure-books or accessories (anything that came out on Nov. 20th would be sahweeeet[!!]!!)

Furnishings - v. short & small table, blanket, sturdy-but-handsome patio chairs, his-hers or otherwise two snail-mails cubbies (short for cubbyholes)

Kitchen - heavy silverware (actual silver?), small & new knife set, spice rack, bananas holster

Music - KRK Rockit speakers (or some high-fidelity equivalent), hifi direct box with USB and/or 1/8” input — XLR out, 4’ movable rack (for hand-touching stomp-pedals), instruments, discs et cetera off my Bandcamp and/or Amazon

Chromatic Clothings - perilously thin winter gloves (preferably that allege to work on touch screens but don’t), parka, cool pants (~29 x ~30, just not black) & maybe a short, skateboard helmet for biking, shoes please (size 9.5), MeUndies, cute tall socks (Foot Cardigan[!!]), this shirt[!!] and anything else on that wobsite

Various Delights - Jones or Henry Weinhard sodas, chalk, dumbbells, chocolates, pretty elements (metalloids&minerals most welcome), scientific tools (metric measurements, non-mercury thermometer), gardening supplies, recyclable wallet, Netflix gift card, anything on my Amazon wishlist, anything from my sorcerer-fellow Milo, thin bike, promises to hang out more

Oh - and anything related to education in (no particular order) linguistics English or otherwise, game theory, civics, geology (or any earth science), astronomy, theology, psychology, mechanics, human or nonhuman-animal biology, acoustics, logic / philosophy, design, law, journalism, computer science, music theory, physics / optics, economics or really anything related to science or art or industry (that last one less so than the first two)

Thanks. I love you (probably).

Adam Papes