birthday weal & woe.

In celebration of my annual expulsion from a certain uterus, buy gifts from this uniform resource locator for me, yourself or your loved ones; peace on earth, mercy mild:

Books - Egyptian Book of the Dead, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Books of Mythologies, Aristotle's Physics, Bhagavad Gita, The Iliad, The Odyssey, Obscuria, Oddities, Bring All Weirdness (philosophy, religion, fantasy)

Furnishings - umbrella / parasol holster (and umbrellas / parasols to holster), coat rack, non-cheesy welcome mat, napkin dispenser, paper towel holder, recycle bin, spice rack rack

Clothing - parka, colored pants & shorts (30 x 32), skateboard helmet (for biking), SHOES (size 10 probably)

Various Delights - Jones sodas, dumbbells & kettle bell & medicine bell, chocolates, gift cards to Taco Bell exclusively, Father John Misty CD preorder, things on my Bandcamp or Amazon wishlist

Thanks for being cuties. Print out this page and say "I read this" for multiple free hugs from yours truly and truthfully. :3