christmas crystals.

In celebration of my annual expulsion from a--oh wait, for this weeklong celebration of African diaspora--hm. For this holy celebration of miraculous oil--okay, I see what I'm doing wrong now. For this birthday that isn't mine, buy gifts from this uniform resource locator for me, yourself or your loved ones; peace on earth, mercy mild, something something recompiled:

Books - Vacationland, The Odyssey, Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness & An Outcast of the Islands, Jules Verne’s The Mysterious Island, Sailing Alone around the World, The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver's Travels, Oddities, Obscuria, Bring All Weirdness

Furnishings - welcome mat with cheesy slogan, recycle bin, spice rack rack, organized lockbox, simple computer desk, book shelf, fruit bowl, guest blankets & pillows, pots, Brita faucet filter

Music - Fender Jazzmaster or Stratocaster (very used), Casio USB Keyboard, Logic, studio monitor, guitar amplifier

Clothing - denim jacket, parka, non-thrifted button-ups, colored pants & shorts (30 x 32), skateboard helmet (for biking), shoes of any variety (size 9.5), cute Winter socks (Foot Cardigan {!!}), this shirt!!

Various Delights - Jones sodas, promises to hang out more, Headspace subscription, dumbbells, chocolates, pretty minerals, gardening supplies, recyclable wallet, the Father John Misty's "Pure Comedy", things off my Bandcamp or Amazon wishlist(s)

Oh - and anything related to education: Comptia certifications, electrical licenses & certifications, Microsoft & Apple & Linux, etc.

Thanks for being cuties. If nothing else, print out this page and say "I read this" for multiple free hugs from yours truthfully. :3

Adam Papes