d&d two: shadow keep.


The North Gate

Skeleton bones lie at your feet and the gate behind you lies cracked open slightly. Growls and snarls can be heard from the depths of the city. Canyon walls line the road north. Darkness surrounds you and a pale grayness covers you. The cobbled road beckons.


Shadowfall Canyon

Traveling for what feels like hours, your torchlight lighting the path beneath you and little else, the cracked stone crunches underfoot. Suddenly you hear the snarls and growls of zombies!


Zombie x 5 Health: 40 Armor: 13 Fortitude: 13 Reflex: 9 Will: 10 Speed: 4 Initiative: -1
Slam: +6 vs. Armor; 2d6 + 2
Zombie Grab: +4 vs. Reflex; escapes take -5 on check
Zombie Weakness: critical hits reduce this unit to 0 health

+156 experience and +6 copper

The danger of this area strikes you suddenly. You are in unfamiliar territory; you desire to do whatever you have to do here quickly and quietly.


Shadowfall Keep Entrance

Blue light shines visibly ahead you. As you move toward the lights, stone posts about hip-height begin to outline the road with blue torches on top of them, iron cages safekeeping the torches. Eventually they light up a new path off the canyon road. More blue lights outline the canyon road, indicating it keeps going. Deathly grass grows over ruined black stone lining the other path.

Heading east, blue light shines brightly, giving clarity to the overgrown path. It ends against a tall black stone wall, a pair of skeletons guarding a gate to a large keep, torch light reflecting off their ivory skulls. They have not taken notice of you yet.


Skeleton x 2 Health: 36 Armor: 17 Fortitude: 14 Reflex: 15 Will: 14 Speed: 5 Initiative: +5
Longsword: +9 vs. Armor; 1d8 + 2; marks target on hit
Speed of the Dead: +2 to attack rolls and an extra 1d6 on opportunity attacks

+62 experience and +12 gold

The sound of bones clattering to the ground resounds throughout the canyon.


Shadowfall Keep

The gate creaks eerily as you open it. Your light reveals a massive room with unseeably high ceilings. As you move further into the entry-hall, you notice a a vat of sludge, green and putrid-smelling, in the center of the room. As you maneuver around it, you suddenly hear a snap and before you can react, you're knocked into the green sticky soup by a huge wooden ram. The ooze makes sick sucking sounds as you escape it. Moving on warily, a wooden portcullis bars your advancing.


The Demon Door

A chamber more featureless than the last is where you are. At the end of the room, your torches reveal a door with a brass face protruding from it. The face speaks, "Who is this?" and eventually asks for the answer to a riddle, "Weight in my belly, trees on my back, nails in my ribs, feet I do lack. What am I?"

(answer: ship)

It opens to you regardless of your answer, but if you get it right, it remarks it didn't think a dumb-looking group of adventurers would get the riddle and is generally impressed.


One-Armed Man

This new room is well-lit. A blue torch is posted in each corner, and one lies front and center over the head of a dark figure. You note that this room is considerably than the first two as well as two passageways on opposite sides. Creeping forward, your light brightens the figure, revealing it to be a one-armed man, half-clothed. He is bound by blue ethereal chains ten, maybe fifteen feet up. His head is limp and lying forward.

He speaks up, "The heart and head... The heart and the head in opposite halls... they have the key... they ARE... they... the..." He lets out a sigh of exhaustion and begins muttering half-awake, "Hurry, hurry, hurry..." Disturbed, you have two corridors to go down.


The Heart

Getting past the portcullis, a narrow unlit passage lies before you. Walking briskly with hands pressed against the walls for a few minutes, farther in you hear what sounds like a pained dog howling. The passage ends at a small room with an over-sized heart glowing like a dying ember.


Perception vs. Stealth to hear and dodge arrow

Skeleton Archer x 1 Health: 34 Armor: 15 Fortitude: 14 Reflex: 12 Will: 12 Speed: 6 Initiative: +6 Stealth: +7
Longsword: +6 vs. Armor; 1d6 + 2
Longbow: 10/20 range; +7 vs. Armor; 1d10 + 3

Gravehound x 1 Health: 44 Armor: 13 Fortitude: 13 Reflex: 11 Will: 10 Speed: 8 Initiative: +2
Bite: +6 vs. Armor; 1d6 +3 and 5 ongoing necrotic damage; knocks prone
Death Jaws: when killed, this unit uses bite
Zombie Weakness

+125 experience and +10 gold


The Head

As you get past the wood portcullis, you traverse the unlit black stone passage in front of you. It stretches unremarkably for some time before reaching a small room with a large brain made of black stone glowing fiery on an altar. As you continue in, you notice the ceiling end. Looking back, still moving briskly forward, you see a balcony, lit by black fire emanating from a mage's hand, lighting up four skeletons and a fresh-looking zombie corpse. The skeletons jump down!


Decrepit Skeleton x 4 Health: 1 Armor: 16 Fortitude: 13 Reflex: 14 Will: 13 Speed: 6 Initiative: +6
Longsword: +6 vs. Armor; 4 damage

Zombie Mage x 1 Health: 39 Armor: 14 Fortitude: 12 Reflex: 14 Will: 16 Speed: 4 Initiative: +3
Grave Stench: aura 1; -5 to attack rolls
Slam: +6 vs. Armor; 1d6 + 2
Mote of Corruption: 10 range; +6 vs. Reflex; 2d6 + 2 necrotic damage; inflicts weakness; when bloodied, this unit uses this attack twice
Death Burst: close burst 1; +5 vs. Fortitude; 2d6 + 2 necrotic damage; uses this power on death

+125 experience and +6 gold


The Heart & the Head

Returning to the one-armed man's prison chamber, you hear him still muttering "Hurry..." As you bring in the stony brain and heart, their light glow turns into a white hot heat. The one-armed man's jaw goes slack and a deep evil voice slithers out. "I HAVE NO MORE NEED OF THIS VESSEL!" Dark vapor pours out from the man's lips, landing on the floor, misty like dry ice! The large dark mass reaches out a shadowy limb and absorbs the brain and heart. A large devil begins forming out of the mist, towering over you with a nasty, fanged grin. "THANKS FOR BRINGING ME BACK FROM THE LICH'S MINIONS!" Its hand rises into the air, creating two portals behind it. Two succubi walk out. An abyssal flail forms in its hand. COMBAT!


Black Devil x 1 Health: 96 Armor: 19 Fortitude: 14 Reflex: 14 Will: 18 Speed: 6 Initiative: +8 Action Points: 1 +2 to saving throws
Flail: +7 vs. Armor; 2d6 + 3
Subjugate: +12 vs. Armor; 4d6; roll d6, if you roll a 6, this power refreshes
Burn: blast 2, 10 range; +5 vs. Reflex; 1d6 + 4 fire damage; creates "burning stone," 5 ongoing fire damage on start of turn if target is on "burning stone;" devil immune

Succubus x 2 Health: 32 Armor: 15 Fortitude: 12 Reflex: 13 Will: 14 Speed: 6 Initiative: +4
Corrupt Touch: +4 vs. Will; 2d4 +2 psychic damage
Poison Kiss: + 5 vs. Armor; 2d4 poison damage and 4 ongoing poison damage; encounter power
Charm: +6 vs. Will; target is dominated until end of succubus's next turn; encounter power

+250 experience and +130 gold

The devil hisses "NOOOOOOO!" as it dissolves back to mist! Suddenly, the one-armed man awakes!

Adam Papes