things to own living alone.

A satchel for books, small notebooks and bombs
Scotch glasses but for drinking water and stuff
A butt-kick couch and blankets and pillows
A synthesizer for synthesizing
Many spices
Colorful candles
A garden with veggies and herbs a growin', if you have space, dogg
A writer's desk
Studio monitors
A laptop
Ear muffs and eye blinders
A collection of poetry
A book shelf with classical books and Bossypants by Tina Fey
Books of philosophers
Posters for either obscure bands or bad movies
A bike, gosh dang
Make arts and hang it or buy some framed arts
A PlayStation 4?
High-speed internet
Polaroid photographs of older, better times that haunt me in dream-sequences
Cardigans and a vinyl record player
500 skateboards
A banjo perhaps
Ooo, a bonsai tree
A coat rack and a hat rack
Coffee cups, you know, for guests
A dictionary, encyclopedias
A pantry with an abundance of Cup o' Noodles
Potted flowers
A solid speaker system for the aforementioned vinyls
A television set and a spacious wooden cabinet to surround it and house DVDs
Cool wooden decorations and local oddities and a girlfriend with a good sense of design
Painted walls, should the landowner allow
A sexy bed, like Queen-sized or bunk
An array of shoes, specifically well-fitting slippers and muck boots
A dresser filled with memories
A dresser to fill with clothes
Computer chair
Sleeping bag or spare mattress for guests
A form-fitting suit, blue-grey
Welcome mat
Electric shaver
Tote bag for those green grocers
Doodads and knickknacks
Body-length mirror in bedroom to exacerbate body dysmorphia
Library card
An amplifier with enough juice to make the neighbors complain
Netflix, Hulu and local newspaper subscription
Calender that becomes used
iPhone with 64GB of storage
Photoshop CC
Glow-in-the-dark star stickers
Elm nightstand
Fifteen pea coats
A mushroom-shaped umbrella
A Costco membership card
A raven suit

Own all this stuff and you'll finally be happy.

Adam Papes