things to do living alone.

Go to comedy shows and music concerts
Try a few open-mics
Probably try to enter an improv troupe with a dumb name
Go to the theater often
Probably play Dungeons and Dragons
Possibly adopt a cat
Consider getting an artist as a girlfriend
Read at the library
Call Mom on January 19th and Mother's Day
Call Dad on February 18th and Father's Day
Write poems
Write songs
Write stories
Write home
Learn how to meditate
Buy a solid bike
Listen to podcasts less obsessively
Grow a garden
Consider making love to a beautiful woman
Get a better array of shirts, jackets, shorts and cardigans
Volunteer at a soup kitchen and an animal shelter
Record music and thoughts and maybe your own bullshit podcast
Find soul-satisfying work
Make a couple pilots for Channel 101
Lead an interesting enough life to comment on every five minutes via Twitter
Take up hobbies like playing guitar, storytelling and writing jokes and save video games, television and movies as a treat
Consider getting high with a woman you love
Try to open for cool bands
Say less mean things to yourself in your head
Learn how to dance, take a class
Don't smoke
Don't drink
Save a bunch of money for college and acts of God
Do sit-ups and push-ups
Take walks in parks often
Peruse a daily newspaper, perhaps The Onion
Eat out less
Cook more
Get vintage, handsome furniture
Watch meaningful documentaries
Call Brother and Sister frequently
Buy art
Own Digital Video Discs of grand television programmes
Get another solid suit and have it tailored
Buy healthy shit from the farmers' market
Swear less
Masturbate less
Consider joining a book club
Ask Ben for music recommendations regularly
Listen to diverse music on the radio and NPR
Browse record stores, book stores and video stores
Bake goodies for your neighbors
Consider having an apartment-warming party
Visit home for Christmas, Easter, birthdays, Thanksgiving and probably Halloween
Acquire solid set of board games
Consider buying PS4
Produce that album
Travel around and visit nearby cities, towns and villages
Wash your face daily

Do all this stuff and you'll be set for two years.

Adam Papes