my theory on internet culture.

Eventually there will be no celebrities. With folk realizing creativity doesn't belong to any special class of people and that any medium is theirs for the using, I feel as though there will be an even more overwhelming overdose of content to consume. Artists will release themselves from the chains of the industry imposed on them in Plato's cave, having their bonds weakened by the inexplicable force of technology known as the internet. There will be no major labels, no major news networks, no major movie studios producing all there is; there will only be wonderful men and women who have a burning in their bosom to make, to create to their hearts' desire and their heads' ability. Mankind will be diverse; every reference will be an obscure one; pop culture will dissolve as we stop saying "who you gonna call?" and start having actual conversations with people so interestingly and distinctively different from ourselves.

Or so I hope, as if this hasn't already happened.

Adam Papes