dungeons and dragons: episode 2.

The heroes, Juicy, Archie and Tim, having evaded death on their first quest, looked for a direction to go and saw to the north some campfire smoke. Arriving at the scene, they found the campsite built upon the foundation of a long-gone farmhouse, abandoned, but with food and a dagger lying about. Seeing footprints, Archie lead the crew into a grain silo where things quickly got real. A damsel in distress was screaming muffled-yelps through a massive, hairy brute's hand and with him, a small horde of jeering goblins! Acting courageously, Timothy the Cleric bathed half the foes in a blazing, holy light while Juicy rapidly fired arrows, effectively sniping one of the well-armored goons. Archibald harmed none. The adversaries retreating up a two-story flight of stairs and the gang chasing close behind, they barely caught a glimpse of the mighty bug bear (and the damsel!) before they climbed onto the roof. Two foul goblins remaining without a leader, the two made a final stand, wickedly slicing Archie before being beautifully crushed in combat by Juicy's expert marksmanship and Tim's answered prayers. Again, Archibald harmed none. The group climbed the ladder onto the roof, only to find themselves preparing for battle against a seven-foot tall muscly kidnapper! But suddenly, the beastman crumpled like a rag, with a woman holding a bloody dagger over him, exhausted. The dame revealed herself to be the bartender from last night as well as a professional thief. Joining the party to go to town, they arrived at the two-horse farm settlement where her fencer lived. After going and retrieving Simon, her long-standing friend and stolen goods trafficker, Lizette the rogue thanked the group of warriors for saving her skin, although she insisted that she would have been fine on her own. Thinking their time together was done, Liz and Simon turned to leave when without warning, an elf standing tall in hide armor beckoned all five of them to seek audience with the town mayor.

What will happen to Lizette the barmaid/burglar/babe, Simon the disgraced tactician, Juicy the nature-lovin' archer, Archibald the Halfling wizard and Timothy the indescribable? Tune in next week to find out!

Adam Papes