dungeons and dragons: episode 1.

Having left home to seek adventure where school failed to excite them, Juicy and Archibald Goodman left their hometown with altar boy Timothy Danger, to find thrills, chills and spills. Their wanderlust brought them to a city wrapped in silence. The team quenched their thirst with beer at a tavern where Juicy's salacious eyes were fixed on the beautiful bartender. Leaving to learn the weird truth about this town, they asked a nervous man about stuff and things, and the man soon ceased answering questions and began transforming into a hideous monster! Anti-climatically, the clumsy cretin fell with just one magical blast to the face. Having fallen and been unable to get up, the adventurers fled the freak and sought shelter in a basement only to find none other than the local Lord of the Land tied up and a rubber ball in his mouth (kinky)! Running through alleyways and arriving in the lord's huge house, the thrill-seeking, booze-drinking party quickly became overwhelmed by dozens of hideous beasts! They all left the scene using a hidden passage of the local leader's. Having narrowly escaped doom, but also having his home in the process, the king lost hope and torched himself, taking out as many of the home-invaders as he could in the process. Evacuating the tragic scene, our adventurers saw a hooded figure holding an orb skipping town and sought to apprehend the likely suspect! Having lost the mysterious being, the party messed around with goats for a while before sleeping, fires blazing behind them and the dread of an unknown evil before them.

Adam Papes