Adam Bates: He has the one-liners of Stephen Colbert, the looks of Joel McHale, the pants of Adam Levine, the musical talent of Andy Samberg and the social media savvy of Aziz Ansari.
— Cynthia, a sweetheart

Facebook: Here is the place I go to type in my funniest junk and occasionally my angsty junk and post the cream of the crop of my photographs which my overly-supportive friends & family like and then high five me in the comment section.

Twitter:  This is the place where I go to see celebrities typing about their lives. This is also where I embrace and express every 140-character thought and my instinct no matter how dumb or personal or silly, which I hear is a good ability to work on for improv comedy.

Instagram:  Photographs abounding exist here, whether they be narcissistic self-portraits, unoriginal sunsets or the backs of my friends' heads.

Tumblr: If my crooked poetry could be a website, this is the manifestation of it. I write all my darkest, weirdest stuff here, to shelter the rest of my friends and followers from it. It's definitely inspired by the syntax of a certain e.e.cummings.

Bandcamp:  With my fingers in a lot of social media pie, I couldn't help but stick my phalanges into a sociomusical community. You can check out all the sounds and oscillations of albums I've bought from artists who use the site.

Adam Papes