social media: a short story of wasted hours.

All those wasted hours we used to know, spent the summer staring out the window...
— Arcade Fire

They say creativity is the residue of wasted time. That's true. That's why I'm the most creative person on earth. Lately, I spend a good many hours trolling around online on facebook, twitter and a third thing in my free-time, cracking jokes, being an angsty teenager and interacting poorly with my friends. I recently watched a video called the Innovation of Loneliness, describing how today's technology is ruining true and good communication, making us more and more alone, rather than more and more connected. It made some good points, but it had some parts that were APOCALYPSE NOW! (see:

Personally, I love facebook and the like. The concept of sharing your day with a wide ring of friends you might not otherwise see is absolute fantastic. The point Innov. o' Loneli. made that punched right through me to my home is the trolls living in basements, lurking the internet, longing for a human handshake. The line that truly hit me was "If we are not able to be alone, we are only going to know how to be lonely." I remember thinking about that after a break-up with my first girlfriend; I need to be comfortable in my own skin. Giving my heart willingly (the lesson to be taken away from a break-up is not to become callus and bring bitterness into the next relationship, just by the way) to whomever I see fit, which is apparently anyone with internet access, is fun and rewarding when I crack a joke and somebody laughs in their chair or at the bus stop for a couple seconds then likes my post, or when I say something real real deep and it resonates with another human's soul. Rewarding. Weird word to use, like relationships are a video game objective, but they are in The Sims, and those guys at EA taught me how to be a human being.

Guys, I'm a cyborg. 

Adam Papes