a desire to run.

I want to live, and breathe! I want to be part of the human race!
— Radiohead

I'm seeking community. A place to call home is a good place to be. My sleepy wilderness hometown is a quiet place. I like noise. I need noise. Youth spent in silence is a waste. I have loud ideas to yell and crazy poetry to sing and beauty-filled things yet to do. My house is not my home. I have yet to live in the freedom of my own domain, to experience the triumph of living alone, independent. Self-reliance is the best reliance, I find. I want a place to run free.

I want to move to a city, to a place that runs on youth and grows. I want to be proud of my self and my home and my city and my life, and I'm not yet. That pains me. My tired place where I live is enraptured to have no culture, or at least, I am no part of it. I have no home, not yet; I am a captain without a ship. I want to run free of this place.

And of all these things, I regret most having yet to find love, whether eros, philia or agape. My need is for friends to love, to experience life with, people to care when I am with and when I am without. From the deepest crevices of my heart, I desire to spend my time and effort to please others. Nothing is more full-filling. Otherwise I am an island; an island doesn't not know the warmth of humanity, to receive or to give. I want friends to run free with me. 

My truest self wants to run free.

Adam Papes