W h o  D i s ?

W h o  D i s ?

just a cool dude.


Established in 1994, Adam Bates has become a prime example of a human being.

Being a Child:

What a wonderful mystery. Learning the English language, Adam moved past the suicidally-dumb phase of infancy and quickly gained the skills necessary to communicate and lie. Thus began the first words of many.

Being Adolescent:

With words come a desire to be heard, to communicate effectively. Along with a love of puns, like slowsand, this also creates a desire for attention, one that, if untended to, creates a monster.

Embrace the man; he's like you:

Being a Monster:

Also known as the teenage years of any human, Adam began to think about death, time and love, and kind of got super pretentious about it. Talking down to his peers, writing angry poetry and keeping journals, Adam swirled in the sea of his own chemistry, falling into his head, and falling in love and loathe with himself, never to be seen again.

The Present Day:

Today, Adam is peeping his head out his turtle shell, though incomplete, a sloppy wet mess of a human being with a big heart and a bigger head, an honesty complex, antisocial tendencies and just enough insanity to stay interesting.

human, all too human.

My dads.

My dads.

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